Sohn's Mind
Sohn'sMind Logo
Genre Gameplay comedy
Created by Tyler Huff
Produced by Tyler Huff
Directed by Tyler Huff
Production studio TheGamingBaconator
Starring Tyler Huff (as Jack W. Sohn)
Games used Half-Life: Residual Life (modified)

Half-Life: Residual Point (modified)

Running time 9:27 - 40:23 (Season 1)
First run date Aug 17, 2015 (YouTube)
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Sohn's Mind is a series created by TheGamingBaconator on .

It follows the thoughts of a Black Mesa Lambda Complex scientist by the name of Jack W. Sohn(voiced by Tyler Huff) as he attempts to survive the Black Mesa Incident and make it out of the facility in one piece.

It takes place in the Half-Life mod "Residual Life" by Radiation-Studios and was started on August 17, 2015

The series is inspired by Freeman's Mind, Barney's Mind, and Shephard's Mind.

Character Edit

Although the video descriptions describe Jack as being an "egotistical individual", he doesn't really seem to be very egotistical, as he rarely mentions himself in the context of being better than everyone else. He does come across as a bit cowardly at times, and has a tendency to faint when presented with information that his brain can't process, such as murdering two fellow Black Mesa employees or seeing Xen for the first time. Over the course of the series, he does appear to change a bit, as he guns down a scientist with very little hesitation in episode 11. He tends to drop F-Bombs alot, seemingly as a coping mechanism to the stress that he is put through throughout the course of the series.

Series vs In-game Edit

  • Despite the fact that Residual Life runs on the Opposing Force version of the GoldSrc engine, the creator is still able to hide the hud with hud_draw.
  • Residual Life's main character is a female scientist named Kim Sora, not Jack W. Sohn.
  • The mod starts out in a dorm room, not at the tram like in the series.
  • TheGamingBaconator "holsters" his weapon with the use of the r_drawviewmodel cheat.
  • Yet another cheat is used in the series: godmode.
  • Weapon damage has been modified to be higher.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1 Edit

The episode starts out with Jack getting on a tram, heading to the Lambda Complex. He begins to recite the intercom's good morning message, having gotten it down "to a science", and he quickly realizes that he is 30 minutes late for work, and complains that corporate is going to "have his ass" for it. He rides the tram a bit further before complaining that the administrators seem to be bias towards him. Nothing much else happens on the tram ride, but once Jack gets to the Lambda Teleport Reactor Complex, he mentions that he thinks Aperture is much better at teleportation than Black Mesa.

He then proceeds to exit the tram and go to get suited up, all while wondering if he'll get fired and what he would do if he got fired, which is to attempt stealing uranium-232 from the lab and selling it to Russia, in order to get rich and never have to work again. He soon comes to the conclusion that shipping uranium from the US to Russia would be near impossible, especially because of 9/11, and that he should make sure he's fired before becoming an international weapons dealer.

He greets a fellow scientist when entering the locker room, and grabs his suit, then heads to the lab in order to see if he's fired or not. On his way to the lab, he gets on an elevator that is supposedly known for breaking down. Not long after getting on the elevator, it begins breaking down, partially due to Gordon Freeman's shenanigans in the Anti-Mass Spectrometer chamber. It isn't long before the Resonance Cascade happens and causes aliens to start teleporting in, and Jack completely flips his shit over them. The episode ends with the elevator cable snapping, sending Jack into the depths of Black Mesa.

Episode 2 Edit

The episode begins with Jack fading in and out of consciousness, before finally coming to, after a scientist preformed CPR on him and resuscitated him. He begins asking what is going on, and decides to follow a security guard who escorts him through doors that only he can open. It is here that Jack first encounters the effects of the Resonance Cascade. He later finds a crowbar and uses it to smash through a tough film or organic matter covering a door opened by the security guard. After getting past the film, Jack encounters two headcrab zombies and defeats them with the crowbar, he then finds a gun on the ground and goes to pick it up. While reaching for the gun, a headcrab jumps at Jack, causing him to go into a panic state and starts unloading ammo on the headcrab. He quickly dispatches the headcrab and encounters a second one, to which he kills immediately.

He heads further forward, and encounters a barnacle, which he shoots immediately. He then notices a headcrab sitting on a dead scientist's head, and comes to the conclusion that the headcrabs are facehuggers. He backs away from the headcrab and walks into a room with radioactive waste puddles. He says that he doesn't think his cleansuit can keep radioactive waste out and complains that the last thing he needs is cancer. He then gets ambushed by a headcrab and headcrab zombie, to which he quickly responds with shooting. After killing the zombie, Jack comes up with the(true) theory that it was still "alive", as in the host was still conscious, but had no control over his actions due to the headcrab controlling him. He shows sympathy for kicking the zombie's dead body, but then corrects himself, saying that if anyone is stupid enough to get attacked by a headcrab, he has no sympathy for them, just as he finishes his rant, a headcrab jumps at him, causing him to retort that he's just as bad as headcrab victims.

After dispatching the zombie and three headcrabs he encounters, he climbs up a ladder in the room, and discovers a fellow scientist in a cleansuit, who tells him some bullshit information. Jack then pulls a lever on a nearby fuse box, hoping that it would turn off the alarm. It turns off the alarm, but also blows up in Jack's face. The scientist begins talking about the fuse box exploding being interesting, which leads Jack to steal the scientist's gun, leaving him defenseless. Jack then goes to open a door out of the radiation room, shooting a barnacle in the process. After he gets the door open, he tries to run and jump through the door, in order to avoid the radioactive waste in the way. He successfully jumps through the door, but accidentally steps in the radioactive waste, getting it on his foot, to which he freaks out over and runs out of the room. He then complains that if he gets leukemia from the waste, he'll sue Black Mesa, stating that Black Mesa has been sued for workers contracting cancer on the job before.

He then sees two skeletons, and deduces that either they were there for a while, or something cleaning them of their flesh, he then goes with the idea that they were there for a while, since the idea of something that can turn a person into a skeleton is terrifying. He once again encounters a headcrab zombie, and quickly kills it. He proceeds to search the room the zombie was in, when a teleportation thing happens, causing Jack to become paranoid and slowly peak around the corner to see nothing. He then leaves, not wanting to know what that even was. After walking sown some stairs, he comes to a door with a "HIGH RADIATION" sign on it, to which he lets out a reluctant "Oh boy!", before opening the door. Once the door opens, he sees that they weren't kidding and that the stuff in the room is radioactive enough to glow green. He mentions that he feels like he should be wearing a hazard suit.

He discovers a maintenance ladder leading right down in the toxic waste, saying sarcastically that he "just wants to be SWIMMING in cancer". He encounters ANOTHER zombie, and kills it as quickly as the others. He then notices a gun in another room and goes to see if it has ammo in it, and encounters a dead Otis guard. He comes to the conclusion that the guy was trying to grab a crowbar because the trigger on his gun was jammed. He leaves the room and goes to open another door, and gets a cramp before being able to open the door. He decides to sit down and let the cramp go away, which is where the episode ends.

Episode 3 Edit

Jack's cramp subsides, and he decides to continue on. He opens the door he was originally going to open and spots an extra clip, which he goes after. He also finds shotgun shells, but when he goes to grab them, he discovers the previous owner of the shells lying dead. He awkwardly grabs the shells and thanks the dead guy, then leaves the room. He then comes to a stairwell, which contains three headcrab zombies. Jack kills them and comments that he feels like his gun is a bit more powerful, but dismisses it as his imagination. He encounters a barnacle at the top of the stairwell, and promptly shoots it dead, before making a comment that the barnacles throwing up on death with never stop being disgusting to him.

He enters a room, and notices a scientist sitting next to a shotgun, and Jack makes it his goal to get the shotgun. He gives up after discovering the door to the scientist's area is locked, and then witnesses a vortigaunt attacking the scientist and teleporting him to, presumably, Xen. Jack then proceeds to freak out and run away. After calming himself down from the vortigaunt teleportation, he sees that there are two of them and decides to attempt running in and grabbing the shotgun. He succeeds and proceeds to blow both of the vorts away with the shotgun.

He grabs some shells off a nearby table and then notices that the vorts' bodies had disappeared. He decides to ignore that and proceed forward. He enters a room which is filled with radioactive waste butter churners, and he notices three barnacles in the room and comes up with the theory that barnacles thrive on radiation. He activates a hand scanner, in order to open yet another door. Just as the door opens, a vortigaunt teleports in a scares the hell out of Jack. He quickly deals with the vort and then moves on forward.

He attempts to come up with a name for the vorts, and states that they look somewhat like xenomorphs from the movie "Alien". He comes across a security station with shotgun shells in it, but he can't get to them since the door is locked and the window is bulletproof. He decides to move on, and encounters a headcrab while trying to get an elevator to work. He dispatches the headcrab and then turns around and goes the opposite way of the broken elevator.

After some time of thinking, he comes up with a name for the vorts: Electro-XenoRaptors. He comes up with this name after saying that they look like xenomorphs, open doors like raptors, and shoot electricity. He then gets attacked by some vorts, and thinks that they only teleported in because they didn't like the name he came up with for them. He quickly kills them and then explores a nearby room. He discovers an HEV charging station and questions why there is even an HEV charger in the Lambda Complex, where nobody uses HEV suits. He then leaves the room and goes to turn a corner, and says that his "keen skills" tell him that a vort is around the corner, and he peeks out to discover that he was right. He attempts running around the corner to kill the vortigaunt, and slips on the "water" on the floor. He comments that it must be Astro-Glide or something, and comes up with the idea to slide across the hallway, and get to a door in style. He succeeds in getting to the door, but barely misses falling on his ass while slip-sliding everywhere.

He goes through the door, and discovers another dead scientist wearing a cleansuit. He says that he doesn't understand how all the cleansuit guys are dying when he's still alive. He then says that he shouldn't say that, for fear of jinxing himself. He enters a room housing the reactor cores for the Lambda complex, and sees more barnacles. He decides to leave them be and climbs a ladder to a catwalk, since he wonders where it leads. He finds out that the catwalk cuts off right at a spot where someone could dive off into the coolant pool below. He concludes that it is a legitimate way for someone to go swimming in radiation and proclaims that he doesn't even understand Black Mesa anymore. He decides to mess with the control panel that controls the hook system used to pick cores up and move them. Just as he is walking to the control panel, a barnacle wraps it's tongue around Jack's throat, and starts choking him to death. He is able to quickly pull his shotgun and kill the barnacle, making it drop him to the ground.

He regains his bearings and continues to the control panel. He flips a switch, making the hook system move left and right. He quickly gets bored and decides to attempt climbing a gate, in order to get to a elevator on the other side. He fails at climbing the gate, and comes up with the idea to ride the reactor core on the hook system, and jump the gate that way. He mentions that Murphy's Law states that "if it's a stupid idea but it works, it's not stupid.", and then he says that he doesn't know if the idea is a good idea or if it's a deadly, stupid one. He preforms a running jump onto the core, and just as he is about to jump the gate, an alien grunt teleports in. Jack dispatches it faster than it can attack. Because of the alien grunt, Jack ends up falling off the core and decides to attempt it again.

While waiting for the core to move left again, he mentions that he needs a HEV suit, since guys in HEV suits "can climb up things". He then says that from what he's seen, guys in HEV suits can climb. He then mentions a certain scientist in Sector C whose name starts with a F, and his train of thought gets derailed as a vortigaunt teleports in and zaps Jack. He easily kills the vort and then gets back on the train of thought. He says that he'll probably never remember, and then says that the guy is probably dead anyway, since apparently only Jack can survive the Resonance Cascade. The episode ends with Jack getting in an elevator and going up.

Episode 4 Edit

The episode opens with Jack stepping out of the elevator and encountering a headcrab zombie that is seemingly friendly. He proceeds to ignore the zombie and activate a hand scanner, and talks about how he finds a friendly zombie weird. Just as he is talking, the zombie begins moving towards him. Without hesitation, Jack puts it down like a rabid dog, and then complains that "that is exactly why you can't trust people". He activates another hand scanner, which opens some doors leading to a tram stop. He begins to wonder if he could ride a tram to the surface, and escape. He isn't able to call the tram, due to track power failure. He sighs out of annoyance and decides to get a soda from a nearby vending machine. He blows it open with his shotgun, grabs a can, and walks down some stairs to a maintenance area.

He mentions that all he needs is some Doritos, and hopes to find a snack machine somewhere. He comes across a control panel next to a giant blast door and decides to randomly mash buttons on it, and he just so happens to hit the button to open the blast door. He says that he's "pretty good at figuring shit out for not knowing what the hell I'm doing" and then encounters three houndeyes. He stares at them, wondering what they even are, when one of them let's out a shockwave. Jack freaks out and runs away, and then takes all three of them out. He then complains that the aliens "fucking suck", and hopes that they didn't rupture a kidney and cause internal bleeding, saying that he is too great of a person to die from internal bleeding and that he wants the apocalypse to start from his death.

While walking up some stairs, he hears some aliens teleport in, and proceeds to ready his gun. He peeks around the corner and sees a vortigaunt, which he calls a "XenoRaptor". He begins talking about how he needs to come up with a better name for them when it runs around the corner, forcing Jack to quickly act and shoot it. He decides to run around the corner, thinking there are more vorts. He sees that it's just two headcrabs, and fires his last shell. He then pulls out his pistol and kills both of them, then attempts to activate a nearby tram, but the VOX system announces that the track power is off, prompting Jack to walk. He sarcastically quips that he loves Black Mesa so much. Just as he finishes his remark, a bullsquid teleports in, forcing Jack to run in fear. He peeks around the corner, and calls the creature "spawn of Cthulhu". He decides to try and think of a plan of getting past it, and decides to just run and shoot like crazy, hoping to kill it and not gather the wrath of Cthulhu by doing so. He successfully kills it, while saying that "Dagon is better than your pussy father".

After killing the bullsquid, Jack notices a door that has been bricked up from the inside, which causes him to ask why Black Mesa would even brick up their own doors. He then encounters a dead soldier, which he assumes was sent to rescue scientists and security guards. He criticizes the soldier for dying, and then comes across another dead soldier, this one having a headcrab on his head. Jack remarks that it's so much like the movie "Aliens" and moves on. He wonders how he would go about opening a blast door in the room, and he discovers a maintenance closet, which contains a dead security guard who has been ripped in half. He tells the guy that not much can help him, since he's in two pieces, and then he discovers two grenades, which tickles him silly. He grabs them and then mentions that he can get anyone to do whatever he wants, and mentions that he plans to save them "for a rainy day". He notices a switchbox, with a red switch in it, which he pulls.

The switch ends up opening the blast door he wanted to open in the first place. He proceeds through the door, and discovers a military radio. He says that he could contact the military and tell them to get him "the fuck outta here". He encounters a headcrab, and quickly dispatches it. He is able to contact the military and is told by a soldier that if he can make it to the surface, he could probably get rescued, and he decides to make it his mission to get to the surface. He finds an eye scanner and attempts to activate it, but is denied access. He gets scared by a security guard, which causes Jack to shoot out of fear. Luckily, he doesn't hit the guard and he is able to let Jack through a door. After going through the door, Jack complains that the guy scaring him and says that the guy almost lost his head. Jack becomes skeptical to whether he should trust the security guard since he's so stupid, but he goes ahead and asks him to go to come to the surface with him, to which the security guard agrees to.

Jack and the security guard come across a dead scientist in a cleansuit next to a shotgun and box of shotgun shells. He says that it makes him proud to find a dead scientist who tried to defend himself, up until he discovers that the shotgun hasn't been fired once, meaning the guy didn't attempt to defend himself. He says that everyone in Black Mesa is a bunch of "mindless sheep" except for him, and then runs into a bathroom, expecting to find a headcrab of vortigaunt, but he only finds a scientist, which he kills by accident. Jack proceeds to go into shock for a moment, before the realization that he just killed a fellow scientist hits him like a freight train, causing him to completely freak out and run away, leaving the security guard in the dust. He quickly becomes a nervous wreck, but continues forward. He comes to a corner and runs around it, shooting wildly with his shotgun. He reports to himself that there wasn't any scientist there, and then notices a scientist who was already dead before he shot wildly, which causes Jack to go into semi-shock. His vision blurs, his ears start ringing,and he begins to completely freak out from the idea that he has killed two fellow scientists. He comes to the conclusion that, since the security guard is the only witness to the murders, he has to die.

Jack states that he is "fine" and then he begins to laugh hysterically while backing up. He walks to a corner, and proceeds to pass out from the stress, which is where the episode ends.

Trivia Edit

  • Jack has already been late for work 3 times during the week.
  • The mind series gives a set date for the Resonance Cascade: May 16, 2003
  • Jack sometimes wonders if he could steal uranium from Black Mesa and sell it to Russia, in order to become a millionaire and not have to work ever again.
  • Jack only knows four people in the entirety of the Lambda Complex: Conley, Lance, Slick, and Birdwell. Birdwell is apparently full of himself.
  • Jack, at first, thinks that the Black Mesa Incident was caused by terrorists.
  • According to Jack, Black Mesa has been sued for cancer-related incidents in the past.
  • Jack knows who Gordon Freeman is(to some extent), and feels sympathy for him after hearing a VOX announcement okaying Freeman's prosecution by the HECU marines who are hunting him down. He does feel that "its probably good that he [Gordon] is being hunted by the military, since he's probably an asshole." though.
  • He believes that he is the only one able to survive the Black Mesa Incident.
  • As of episode 4, Jack hears a ghostly voice whispering things in his ears.
  • Jack passes out when under extreme stress.
  • Jack has a scar on his right cheek. It is unknown how it got there, but it can be assumed that the "bar in Reno" involved him getting into a fight with someone in a bar in Reno, Nevada. And getting his cheek slashed in the process.
  • Jack was born and raised in Berea, Kentucky.
  • Over the course of the series, Jack have developed a tendency to use the word "fuck" more often than any other swear, as a result of his sanity slowly slipping away, and also his qualms with certain words.
  • Jack doesn't like to say certain words, such as vagina, as the word itself just makes him uncomfortable. He does somewhat get over this unease while under the influence of the green serum in the syringes that most scientists carry, though.
  • Jack can not stand calenders not being changed to the right month, and gets very agitated if someone does not change their calender.
  • Jack wishes that he could use the tripmines to set up "the most hardcore game of Limbo ever", saying that it would be hardcore because failing to clear the laser could mean death for the player.
  • As of episode 10, Jack knows that the US Government is trying, to no avail, to cover up the Resonance Cascade. This causes his trust in the government to dwindle exponentially.
  • Jack tends to scream like a girl when he gets startled by somethig(or someone).
  • Jack is Korean-American.

Links Edit

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