Pet Peeves
Skit Information
Series The Gmod Idiot Box
Episodes 2
Created by DasBoSchitt

Pet Peeves: The Agressive Way with Father Grigori is a series of skits featured in The Gmod Idiot Box.

List of SkitsEdit

Pet PeevesEdit

In the skit's first appearance in the series which features Father Grigori, the situation involves Father Grigori himself shopping in a supermarket, and he comes across two women who are busy talking and are unaware that someone needs to pass. Grigori arms one woman's cart with a thruster using the Thruster tool, and when the woman is sent flying, people around the supermarket start to create panic and rioting. The Gmod Idiot Box - Episode 6

Parking Spaces[1]Edit

The second appearance of Pet Peeves features Father Grigori trying to move an improperly-parked car when he tries to park, as the parked car occupies two spaces of the parking lot. He decides to place a Zombie to startle the owner when he comes back, and it does succeed, though the car splashes down in the river. Grigori finally can park, but before he could do that, a crushed car falls on his head. The Gmod Idiot Box - Episode 6

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