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Kitty0706's Steam Profile Picture

Colin Wyckoff (better known by his YouTube username Kitty0706) was a YouTube user who is known for making bizarre Garry's Mod and YouTube Poop videos since 2008. He was also renowned for making the Elliot Goes To School and Moments with Heavy series. F O L D I N G C H A I R / WIN has helped Wychoff with the script for his videos and DasBoSchitt (who happened to be a friend of his) has provided him with the ragdolls. He was also a furry when he was 12, his fursona being a cigar-smoking cat.

He died of cancer on January 25th, 2015 from post treatment complications of A.L.L. (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia), a form of blood cancer. It was unknown if he was buried at the cemetery.

Colin you will be missed by many. Colin inspired many to get into making videos of one form and that's what made the community bigger.

GMod SeriesEdit

Elliot Goes to School (EGtS)Edit


Moments with HeavyEdit


  • Jack Johnson Says Hi!
  • Heavy Orders an Xbox 360
  • Heavy Goes Bowling
  • Heavy Takes his Driving Test
  • The Quest for the Ultimate Sandvich
  • Heavy´s Retarded Holiday
  • Heavy Has His Christmas Feast
  • French Toast

GMod BrawlEdit


Other WorksEdit

  • Link's Retarded Day
  • Fox's Retarded Day
  • Tea time with Dr. Breen
  • The GMOD Suicide Mouse Survival Guide
  • Team Fabulous 2
  • First-Person Project: The Jacknife Chronicles
  • Half-Retarded (First)
  • Half-Retarded: Episode 1
  • Team Flatulence
  • Mass Defect
  • KittyTV Presents: The Chronicles of Dick
  • Ass Creed: Enter the Anus
  • The Garry's Mod Bible of Kitty0706
  • KittyTV Presents: RIDDICK IS BACK (This was his final Gmod video before his death.)

GTA IV Videos/Series:Edit

  • Niko, Hero of mankind
  • GTA IV: The Coffee Mugger
  • GTA IV: The Salesman Ultimatum
  • GTA IV: Project Cooper
  • GTA IV: Introducing Tommy Garcia
  • GTA IV: The Diary Of Claude Speed


  • Despite Wychoff's success, his videos were never featured on
  • In Elliot Is Late for Work, Elliot has a very high pitched (a la Alvin and the Chipmunks) voice. However in Elliot Goes To School he has a normal talking voice (It remains like this for the rest of the series as well). It is unknown why he had a high-pitched voice in the first place.
  • In reality, Wychoff suffered from A.L.L. (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia), a form of blood-cancer. Kitty revealed this near the end of the movie KittyTV: The Chronicles of Dick. This was also one of the very few times where he was actually serious as well. As of December 24, 2013, Kitty0706, has released news of him recieving a bone marrow transplant and said that he was 100% cancer free. Unfortunately, the transplant ended up only getting him so far and the disease got the best of him and he eventually passed away. 
  • It was mentioned during the credits of Elliot Goes Camping that Wychoff used to be a part of the furry fandom when he was younger, but has moved on from it. 

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