Garrysmod Machinima Tricks
Genre Tutorial miniseries
Created by Xanatos
Produced by Xanatos
Directed by Xanatos
Production studio N/A
Starring Xanatos
Games used Garry's Mod
Episode 1:
World of Warcraft (clip by Ochacha)
Episode 2:
C&C Generals: Zero Hour
Team Fortress 2
Left 4 Dead
Counter-Strike: Source
Running time 2:57
First run date Jan 2, 2010
External links
Official website

Garrysmod Machinima Tricks (also GMOD Machinima Tricks or Garrysmod Advanced Machinima Tricks) is a miniseries by Xanatos which acts as tutorials for making machinimas in Garry's Mod.

1: Green Screens and SpaceshipsEdit

The series was started by a fan letter asking Xanatos how to make a Star Wars-like machinima without the effects being corny. Green screening is decided as the method of choice, as it has been frequently used in Janus Syndicate videos by means of chroma keying in Sony Vegas, and that World of Warcraft machinimas (one clip by RL friend Ochacha is seen) wouldn't be possible without them. Xanatos chooses to use a special green/blue screen map instead of the white room (not the Cream song) in gm_construct. Special spaceship flying effects are made by using stationary models (or models with constraints on them) and filmed using moving camera tools.

2: One-Man Machinima Making ArmyEdit

This video was made based on the misconception that machinima directors need a large crew to make a high-quality production, and that people can only learn from tutorials. This episode sets out to disprove these, with Xanatos narrating in a manner similar to Harry S. Plinkett from the RedLetterMedia film reviews. It mainly focuses on major ConVars used in his previous videos. (eg. Unfriendly Fire, Counter-Strike for Kids)

External LinksEdit

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