Freeman's Mind
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Genre Gameplay comedy
Created by Ross Scott
Produced by Ross Scott
Directed by Ross Scott
Production studio Accursed Farms
Starring Ross Scott (as Gordon)
Games used Half-Life: Source (modified)
Running time 5:06 - 12:14
First run date Dec 2, 2007 (YouTube)
Dec 3, 2007 (
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Freeman's Mind is a Half-Life machinima made by Ross Scott, who is also the creator of Civil Protection. It is more or less an in character let's play of Half-Life, featuring the thoughts of the character Gordon Freeman (played by Ross), the protagonist of Half-Life. The series has been well received, all videos having high ratings on YouTube, and each episode obtaining at least 300,000 views and over 40 episodes obtaining as many as 1,000,000 views. It is also currently's most popular series. This is due to the large amount of views it receives, and the ease with which new episodes can be produced. It can be viewed at Ross Scott's website Accursed Farms or on YouTube.

As of May, 4th, 2013, Ross Scott has since left Machinima, and continued to produce newer episodes on his own channel, as well as on and ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.

The final episode arrived on the 31st of December, with Freeman defeating the Nihilanth; encountering the G-Man; and accepting his offer. Ross is planning to continue onward into Half-Life 2 but it will occur sometime in the next few years.

The second series Freeman's Mind 2 first aired on April 1st, 2017. Although it was originally suggested to be an April Fools Joke, the video turned out to be legitimate. As of the 18th of March 2018, the seventh (and latest) episode aired.


The first episode came out in December 2007 as an experiment for his side series, Freeman's Mind. It received positive response from viewers and Ross continued it to the second episode and was possibly going to be the last episode of the series due to a lot of work to do. But however, due to positive feedback and several requests for Ross Scott to continue Freeman's Mind, Ross did so and it became an official machinima series.

Multiple months after the release of Episode 44, Scott had problems with Machinima due to legal contracts and rights to the videos. Due to this, Freeman's Mind was put on a very long hiatus, with fans beginning to become impatient due to the feud. Ross Scott, however, finally disbanded from Machinima and joined ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and proceeded to produce episodes on his own.

Ross finished the series on the 31st of December, 2014, ending the series seven year run. Freeman, in the series, took G-Man's offer, leaving the second season open for continuation. As answered on his monthly video chat series, Ross does intend on continuing the Freeman's Mind series, but is currently focusing on other projects.


Freeman's Mind is a play through of Half-Life with added commentary. Ross Scott acts as Gordon Freeman, giving commentary for the events that surround him. The show mostly centers itself around absurd humor and monologue humor. The show also differs from Half-Life, as Ross Scott uses a modded version of the game. For example, Freeman's guns deal roughly 3 times their normal damage, he never has to pick up health kits, and only certain threats appear fatal to him. While no threats have been proven to be demonstrably fatal to the protagonist in Freeman's Mind, we are left with the impression that the following could potentially end the life of the main character:

  • Radioactive material

Source: Common sense, also his reaction is to avoid toxic material whenever possible.

  • Explosives (such as grenades and tripmines)

Source: His reaction to a grenade in episode 22, which is to scream "OH shit!" and run as fast as he can away from it. Also, his line: "Oh my god these were tripmines! I could have died!". In episode 41, he also says "I don't think my suit can stop mortar shells..."

  • Barnacles (which either snap his neck or can simply bite his head off)

Source: In episode 9, he appears to be getting strangled by a barnacle, and after he shoots it, he says to a scientist: "I really appreciate how you stood there; staring at me not doing a god damn thing! You're like a cat watching a mouse die!"

  • Gargantuas and the Tentacles, which can simply crush him.

Source: Common sense, also, his reaction to the creatures, which is to avoid it whenever he can, as he appears to be afraid of them.

  • Falling from great heights, such as down an elevator shaft.

Source: His death in 10.5, among other things.

  • Being electrocuted by a high voltage beam (Electricity from broken power generators, not the ones fired from Vortigaunts, which only appear to be on par with a taser shot)

This line: "If that (electricity) hit me right now, the voltage would roll around in my body and exit through the top. My head would blow up like a baked potato rapped in tin foil. It would pop off like a Pez container.

  • Getting shot in the head (he constantly complains about his lack of a helmet)

Source: Pretty much common sense, but he does get shot by a turret gun in the ear in episode 10.

  • Sentry Guns, due to the high caliber rounds and its accuracy

Source: His reaction to several turret guns, which is to instantly take cover and sprint out of its range, as well as the line: "That turret wont stop beeping. That does not bother so much as the fact that it sprays automatic gunfire at me when it beeps. I can't live with that. Like, literally."

  • .50 Caliber turrets set up at military check-points, because of their massive caliber and stopping power

Source: Episode 28, where Freeman says: "That sounds like a heavy caliber gun, and while I admit I'm curious, I'm really not up to another bullet resistance test of this suit"

  • Drowning

Source: In episode 6, when he opens a flood gate, water starts pouring up, and he says "Oh no; that was stupid I'm gonna die!"

  • Fire, such as the organic flamethrowers on the Gargantua

Source: It is common sense that the fire can hit him in the head, but there is also his reaction to the Gargantua in episode 24.

  • The Ichthyosaur's bite

Source: His reaction to the creature in Episode 32

The following threats are non-fatal, despite the fact that they are all potentially fatal in-game:

  • Soldiers wielding anything other than grenades, due to the bullet-proof nature of his suit and the small caliber of their MP5's.
  • Vortigaunts, whose attacks he compares to a taser.
  • Poison (such as those fired from bullsquids), likely because his suit administers antidotes.
  • Headcrabs biting him. (Although they do cut up his face and annoy him beyond belief)
  • Sonic Booms from Houndeyes. (They were a minor problem in the first few episodes, but he quickly adjusted to their sonic booms, becoming desensitized.)

The creator, Ross Scott, has said the reason for these changes is to make it more realistic, as he is acting under the condition that Freeman is almost completely bullet proof to small-caliber fire arms in his suit. In real life he says, someone would not have to visit a health station every 5 minutes, and even with modern body armor, realistically most soldiers can not take more than 2 or 3 shots at short to point blank range before dying (or being incapacitated, as he suggests in a recent interview) where as the soldiers in Half-Life: Source can take 7 shots before dying. Freeman can also "do pull-ups" over obstacles (an example is in episode 12, where he did a pull up over a ledge rather than fight his way through more soldiers, having to avoid more barnacles, turret guns, and another squad of soldiers. He instead ends up at the exit, and after gunning down 3 soldiers with the element of suprise, he takes an elevator and gets to the surface.)

Freeman's Mind can be found at the list of playlists at Machinima's YouTube channel, or at Ross Scott's website

Title and Ending Song: Military Precision

Freeman's personalityEdit

Article: Gordon Freeman
Freeman is somewhat eccentric and ill-tempered, although this isn't to say he isn't very knowledgeable about science and good at his job, as his inner monologues show. During the series, he often makes sarcastic remarks, and is best described as a "smartass". He also is very egotistical, believing everyone in the facility should be more like him (which is not entirely unjustified, for example many of the people he meets are scientists who talk about donuts during an alien invasion). He also believes everyone in the military to be extremely stupid and incompetent. They don't appear to learn that their MP5's are ineffective against the HEV suit, attempt to pull off an extremely impractical cover up, as Gordon points out, and execute inept combat maneuvers such as running around corners where they know Gordon is waiting with his gun ready. Recently, Gordon has come under the belief they are learning, for example by almost killing him with a grenade, and attacking him when he least expects it. However, he still regards them as stupid "rat-fuck meat heads".


Episode 0Edit

This episode takes place pre-Episode One, where Gordon is in the training course. The episode flashes back to when Gordon first started his training for his hazard suit. He goes through a majority of the course with ease, while making snide comments about the workers and gets amazed at the hologram technology, pointing out he could use it to scare some of the workers with a fake crazy hobo. He eventually reaches the end where he must jump off a two-story elevator to solid concrete. He complains that it may be a typo or something, so he decides he is done and heads off for his lunch break. The episode ends with Freeman muttering that he would just tell everyone he passed knowing no one would check.

Episode 1Edit

Article: Episode 1
The episode starts out with Gordon worrying that he is late for work. A little while down the track he sees Barney locked out of a door to which he yells "SUCKER!!". He looks out the window and observes many of Black Mesa's qualities, such as worker robots and a missle, as well as a radioactive spill. He leaves the tram after reaching Sector C, wondering whether he will be fired or not. As he enters the main door, he thinks about looting the place if he does get fired, ending the episode.

Episode 2Edit

Article: Episode 2
Freeman takes a stroll through Black Mesa, trying to hide the fact the he is late, and eventually gets suited up for the experiment. It is first established here that Freeman is very knowledgeable of science despite his eccentric personality, and threatens his co-workers often. It is also revealed that Freeman has an unhealthy addiction to Oxycodone, and considers many of his co-workers inept.

Episode 3Edit

Freeman goes down to the anti mass spectrometer and starts the experiment. This eventually leads the Resonance Cascade being triggered, and disaster strikes Black Mesa.

Episode 4Edit

In this episode, Freeman is first introduced to the disastrous effects of the Resonance Cascade, and the fact that aliens such as headcrabs are pouring into the facility. He takes a stroll through a few rooms filled with dead bodies and tons of blood. He seems surprised by all the deaths and destruction, and he first finds his trademark crowbar in this episode. In the end, he pushes an elevator button, causing the elevator above to fall and kill the three scientists occupying it.

Episode 5Edit

Freeman proceeds through the facility, meets a security guard who kills a few zombies for him, and first sees how stupid his co-workers are. He heavily criticizes his co-workers for dying so easily, while he is still alive despite being in the chamber at, "...frickin' ground zero...". At the end of the episode, he finds a pistol on a dead security guard whom he failed to save, and starts to "play god".

Episode 6Edit

Freeman continues his ascent through Black Mesa, and first voices his hatred of locked doors and bad architecture, and first fights the aliens. He kills a few houndeyes and zombies with his pistol, and rides an elevator down into the facility while beating headcrabs to death with a crowbar. He eventually stops when a bullsquid falls and a catwalk collapses, and he does not know how to traverse the large black pit below.

Episode 7Edit

Freeman jumps his way past the giant pit, first engages the bullsquid in combat, he also comes across an enormous room with crates hanging from the ceiling, with (what looks like) no floors at all, so Freeman has to endanger his life and jump from crate to crates to avoid falling down and get splattered on the non visible floor, just to find out that there's no exit for the crates, which Freeman points out that "That means that there's no DAMN POINT to this whole room!", and then he starts ranting about the things that new mexico has done (Nuclear bomb and now "mean ass aliens") and then he concludes to "We're not brave, we're just stupid". After that he finds an elevator leading to the offices.

Episode 8Edit

Freeman starts out in the elevator leading to the Sector D Administration Office, the area covered by the chapter. As he leaves the elevator, he notices a scientist clinging to the ceiling, who is later dragged into it by an unseen force, and comes across a broken circuit where the sparks kill the headcrabs. Freeman teases the dead headcrabs, but almost gets killed himself when the sparks destroy the air vent cover. As he turns around to find an alternate way, after reading some signs, tries to open the door but the trapped scientists cannot open the door and one of them is pulled up by a Barnacle. The scientists' inability to open the door for him makes Freeman complain that "that's not the spirit that kept Soviet paratroopers off my lawn!"

Later, he returns to where he previously tried to enter - the same air vent, and crushes the harmless cockroaches that he finds. He enters the room he tried to enter, and successfully turns off the power and removing the obstacle he tried to cross earlier, but bawls when he comes across a locked door. His rage stops when he breaks the glass window and finds more locked doors, until he decides to enter a flooded laboratory with a loose circuit. While being shocked, he manages to enter another air vent and kill all the headcrabs inside but almost goes deaf due to shooting in narrow spaces.

After getting back on the floor, he kills more headcrabs and finds a locked door, although he manages to find a shortcut in the ceiling and hears a ceiling turret fire at him. The episode ends after he returns to where he dropped into previously and obtains clips, before engaging the turret.

Episode 9Edit

Continuing from the previous episode, Freeman, after doubting to cross the turret's line of fire, manages to evade it, but comes across a bunch of headcrabs, which are whacked to death by his crowbar. Later, he comes across a security guard whom he ignores, and later finds two scientists trying to save one from being pulled into the vent, but both of them are pulled into it and killed instead. He is later attacked by Vortigaunts, who he calls "zappers", after the electricity they fire annoy him.

He is later pulled up by a Barnacle but saves himself, although he complains about the blood falling on his hair. A scientist later tells him that soldiers are coming in to rescue them, but Freeman ignores him, and later, he is attacked by another ceiling turret, getting his ear shot. To his frustration, he reveals that he has never been informed even once that automatic turrets exist around the building, and wonders what the point of them even is.

Later, he approaches another security guard reminding him again about the rescue team, but he ignores him and tries to escape through the fire exit, but the door is locked, and he finds an alternative way - the freezer room, although he does not pass through anything hindering his progress such as headcrabs and zombies.

Episode 10Edit

Freeman enters the freezer room, and almost runs out of bullets fighting two bullsquids and a headcrab. He tries finding another air vent to escape, and finds a dead guard trapped in one, but he fails to show signs of pity for the dead person. He successfully crawls into the vent, and breaks doors while ignoring a HEV battery (which he perceives as a car battery instead).

After coming across a maze of pipes with Barnacles hanging in the ceiling and getting through it, Freeman reaches the other side of the door he tried to enter in the previous episode, with two dead security guards and one of them have just died. Later, he notices the G-man adjusting his tie and has no idea why he does it.

The episode ends when Freeman comes across an elevator shaft with a scientist dangling to the ladder, and when he tries getting snacks from an unbreakable vending machine.

Episode 10.5Edit

Episode 10.5 is not counted as part of the overall episode, as it is an April Fools special episode.

After consuming a Doritos from the same vending machine, Freeman enters a hallucination. In this hallucination, he obtains a shotgun and some shells in an office room, and tries to break the glass from the doors.

Later, he comes across the same elevator shaft and makes a jump, though he falls into the chasm and dies, with the credits rolling with the HEV Suit telling the viewers about Freeman's current medical situation.

(Some YouTube commenters speculate that the reason he falls down the shaft in this joke episode is the combination of the extra weight from the shotgun and shells, as well as the Doritos cheese dust on his gloves.)

Episode 11Edit

Episode 11 begins with Freeman starting from where he began in Episode 10.5 (which was a dream episode). He does not retrieve the shotgun, reasoning that the dead scientist abandoned that room for good reason. He performs a well-executed jump, but he is afraid trying to get up the elevator, and before it, he makes complaints about the ladder and the servicing mechanisms revolving around the elevator. He later sees a scientist dangling on an end of the elevator who falls down below, and manages to break the elevator's escape hatch.

Upon arriving in the next area (the High Security Storage Facility in Sector D), he notices a scientist ask a guard to open the doors to Silo D, but the guard is caught by a zombie lurking in the open air vent, while the scientist blindly runs and triggers the laser tripmine. Freeman tries to break the glass in the silo door control for the shotgun, but he fails in doing so. Later, he accidentally triggers an automatic turret by stepping on the red laser, but he has a bad time fighting it, although he manages to survive. He obtains an MP5 submachine gun and declares that he can "solve up to 800 problems a minute".

He later comes across another room with more turrets, but this time, he manages to avoid the lasers and the attacking Vortigaunts. The episode ends when he notices a tripmine and narrow spaces blocking his path.

Episode 12Edit

After stopping across the tripmine and other obstacles in his path, Freeman continues and manages to evade a pair of laser tripwires and the laser tripmines. He also sees the G-man who walks away without a trace.

Later, as he progresses, he notices a marine kill a fellow scientist, and when Freeman is noticed, he gets shot at too, forcing him to gun down the soldier in self-defense. He boards a lift that takes him to another floor, to which a second scientist is gunned down by a squad of marines. When Freeman is attacked, he argues to them that he has a doctor's degree, while calling his foes "dicks" and gunning them down with his new machine gun. Later, he makes a shortcut to the lift bringing him to the surface, and the episode ends with the lift moving up.

Episode 13Edit

Freeman reaches the surface being pounded by airstrikes and artillery, and, to his annoyance, he gets shot at again. He complains about having to kill the marines in self-defense, though he has to. Thinking that the V-22 flying above him is a rescue plane, he runs back after the area is pounded by more bombs. Later, he makes a run for an underground chamber after being shot up by marines behind an electric fence and continuous bombing.

Later, Freeman returns back below the surface through a network of air vents. After fighting off a few more foes and discovering unexplored areas with hidden caches of ammunition, he almost reaches the silo doors, but instead ends facing a dead end.

Episode 14Edit

Freeman tries to find another way to get out, after reaching a dead end in the air vent network. He later lands in the silo door control, finally finding the shotgun that he saw in episode 11, with the scientist telling him what to do when he gets across the silo. Although he does not trust him, Freeman nevertheless proceeds.

After passing through the door to Silo D, Freeman comes across a debris wall which he clears with his shotgun, and kills headcrabs he finds in his way. A bullsquid happens to be spitting at him, and shoots it down. Later, he reaches the lift control and shoots a zombie that claws its way out of a door. When Freeman pulls the lever, the lift going down a tram line goes up, and he later goes down.

He boards the tram and enjoys the ride, although he is annoyed when various Xen creatures try to attack him, from houndeyes to bullsquids. When his problem is solved, however, the tram accelerates upon reaching the stop barricade and loses control; Freeman jumps off and handles the creatures approaching to attack. Later, he finds a way to cross the radioactive hazard after returning to the stopped tram, which he executes in the next episode.

Episode 15Edit

Freeman walks through a passageway beside the pool of radioactive waste, and manages to climb inside the steel pipe that leads further into the silo. As he exits the silo, he manages to gun down two bullsquids living under the pipe network, and arrives at a massive room filled with radioactive waste and inhabited by some more bullsquids, which he kills. A lift takes him up closer to the silo.

He later kills more Xen creatures and accidentally destroys a high platform used to cross the pool of waste below. Fortunately, he makes a well-executed jump and fails to find the switch that opens the door leading to the propulsion laboratory.

After coming across a dying scientist telling him to destroy something before it grows, he assumes he is talking about the "bad music" and metallic bangs Freeman is hearing. Freeman enters the propulsion laboratory's control room, and finds a scientist being dragged into a pit by a Tentacle(his response: "MONKEY ON A STICK! WE'RE GETTING FINGERED BY GODZILLA!"). Freeman tries to free the scientist in vain, but the Tentacle is completely bulletproof. He observes the size of the creature, and decides to throw a grenade into the pit in an attempt to kill it, but it survives. It does however, distract it and Freeman proceeds to make his way up a ladder, where a bold (or perhaps suicidal) security guard tries to fight the Tentacles in vain, and in the process, he gets the tentacle's attention, allowing it to crush him. The episode ends with Freeman exclaiming "WHOA! SHIT!" and timing his run against the sharp-hearing creatures.

Episode 16Edit

Freeman returns to the control room and gets to the nearest exit by crouching out of the broken window. He moves silently from behind the tentacle to prevent it from getting him (although he still thinks very loudly), and is able to leave in search for the room that has a critical purpose or that leads to an exit. However, on his way out, he kills a zombie and destroys the catwalk at the same time by shooting a gas canister, though he is able to cross thanks to the pipe network.

Freeman arrives near the fuel room, passing through tunnel networks and taking out the zombies and the headcrabs before arriving at a large wind tunnel. At the bottom, he turns the fan on and climbs up, with the episode ending with Freeman trying to open the door out.

Episode 17Edit

After trying to get back, Freeman manages to open the door, but the fans propel him upward towards the planks on the dome ceiling, injuring his head after a sudden collision with the debris. He later breaks the air vent grating, becoming winded and exhausted in the process, and lands in the fuel room. After taking out the zombies and the headcrabs, he reactivates the oxygen and fuel lines (thinking that the oxy button will give him some drugs), then leaves.

After making some jumps and returning to the engine room, Freeman once again walks cautiously to find the other way - the rocket engine then is not fully powered. He distracts the Tentacles with hand grenades to cover his escape. Later, he jumps across a wide chasm and leaves for the electrical system room, where he finds numerous houndeyes blocking his path, and another pool of radioactive waste. He starts to question his own sanity at this point, and wonders if he is already insane and just imagining everything from all the things he has seen, such as numerous dead bodies, monsters the size of buildings, and the entire military trying to kill him. The episode ends before Freeman sends the elevator down.

Episode 18Edit

The elevator is called down by Freeman as he gets down to the electricity chamber. As the elevator goes down, however, it stops, and Freeman has to go down using a long pipe spanning from the upper floor to the down floor. However, the elevator disconnects from its cables and falls down the pool, and Freeman climbs down while acting as a monkey.

After being instructed to restore the power, Freeman enters a maze of moving platforms, and manages to reach the very top of the power dome. He finds a fellow scientist who refuses to go down, and decides to turn on the power. With the power restored, Freeman begins his final return to the silo (leaving the two scientists he has met alone), but he contemplates on how to get up first.

Episode 19Edit

Gordon discovers a service ladder that leads all the way up, which he climbs. Later, he accidentally steps in the water that has been hit by a spark, and backtracks to the silo and jumping over the same chasms again. He carefully distracts the Tentacles with his last 2 hand grenades and sneaks his way back into the control room, where he test-fires the rocket engine. To his surprise, it actually works, and the Tentacles are killed while Freeman laughs triumphantly.

Episode 20Edit

After the rocket engine kills its occupants, the pit is now empty. Freeman jumps in and slides down the pool of water, and comments on how it "smells like ass down here". After swimming through, he walks on a complex pipe network that leads him to a large pipe, but later, the pipe collapses and sends him sliding down the floor. Freeman has arrived in Sector E.

Episode 21Edit

In this episode, Freeman first meets the Gargantua, and immediately flees from it. He is ecstatic however, when he sees the soldiers shooting at aliens instead of him. He proceeds through the facility, using his MP5 to take care of more Vortigaunts and headcrabs, and meeting an injured security guard. He soon realizes the soldiers STILL don't know that he is on their side. The episode ends with Freeman being pinned down by a sentry gun.

Episode 22Edit

After getting past the sentry gun, Freeman proceeds through the facility, encountering more soldiers. He camps around a corner, and guns down soldiers as they run across it. He comments on the stupidity of their tactics, and reveals he shows no regret towards killing them by the dozens as they are "pricks who deserve to die." He turns on the power generator, and goes back up the elevator while avoiding tripmines, only to have a squad of soldiers chase him and run into the tripmines. After commenting on their stupidity, he wonders how to get back up the elevator.

Episode 23Edit

Freeman find his way back up the elevator while avoiding the tripmines, and comes across more soldiers, and tries to use the corner camping strategy again. Except this time, one soldier chucks a grenade, almost killing him. After running in terror, he is aided by headcrabs who fall from the ceiling and attack the soldiers, allowing him to gun the soldiers down. Freeman eventually gets to the control room with the injured guard, and attempts to power up the train. Upon figuring out the power still is not on, he utters several obscenities, and comments "I am not happy right now."

Episode 24Edit

Freeman attempts to sneak past the Gargantua, only to have it notice him and chase him. After running in terror and almost getting burned to death, he hides in a cramped hallway. He pulls a switch, thinking it will beep and distract the Garg, but instead it turns on the power. After firing with his machine gun and screaming, he kills the Garg, and starts up the train, only to run into a wall. The episode ends with Freeman commenting "You gotta be fucking kidding me".

Episode 25Edit

Freeman runs a tram through a concrete wall, and much to his surprise, the tram goes right through it. He proceeds on his train, encountering several more Xen creatures, and commenting on the absurdity of the trains paths and the way it is operated. He also comments on how killing all these aliens gives him a large amount of community service hours. After encountering some soldiers struggling with battles against aliens, he ignores them and comes up to an elevator, which much to his frustration, wont open.

Episode 26Edit

Freeman backtracks through the facility, and rides his train through new areas while fighting off Xen creatures. Freeman is then shot a couple dozen times by some soldiers, and after killing all of them, he takes a small rest.

Episode 27Edit

This episode was made for April Fools. Freeman travels through the tunnels with his train, kills more soldiers, makes a new friend, and then gets pinned down by a .50 caliber Turret. In this episode, he talks like a pirate, using terms such as "bilge-rat" and "land-lubber". He also refers to his shotgun as a "miniature grapeshot" and his submachine gun as a "repeating flintlock". These are old firearms used during the 1600's-1800's, with modifications in their names to suit their features.

Episode 28Edit

As Freeman's pirate adventure comes to an end, he kills the soldier with the 50. caliber turret with a grenade (that he calls ambassador pineapple), then he starts his way back into the tunnels via a missile silo. He finds a new tram and continues along his path to the surface. At this point Freeman stops his sidetracking and charges onward to the surface. At the end of the video, Freeman finds a elevator. He takes it upward happily only to be stopped once again by a pile of flammable crates. He decides to think about his situation, starting to question whether or not this actually is a rescue operation.

Episode 29Edit

Freeman decides that he should blow up the explosive crates blocking his way with a grenade. Once he does, he gets out the elevator and kills some soldiers before going up a ladder. He passes moving boxes, electricity, tripmines, and kills some soldiers and a .50 cal machine gunner along the way. As he gets outside, he sees two soldiers talking about him, who he kills when they begin to blame the deaths of their friends on him. Though Gordon is responsible, he is incensed at the idea that this is somehow his fault given their behavior. He discovers that night has fallen, and attempts to escape Black Mesa by climbing up the ridge around the area outside, but fails to do so, and decides he needs a rope to do so, but doesn't know how or where to get one. He then sees a full moon, to which he howls to {Thinking he's a Werewolf}. He then remembers that the wounded security guard back at the tram station told him that the tram he took would lead him straight to the surface, but now wonders what the long way to the surface was.

Episode 30Edit

Freeman finds the blast door and enters after guessing the correct code ("1234"), pointing out that as much as he wanted to claim how smart he was, it was more likely that "someone else was NOT". He then sees a marine killing his comrades with a grenade and shoots him, wondering if he was even aiming for him. He then enters the test lab, where he comes across more explosives and laser trip wires, comparing it to the joke where you balance a bucket of water on a door, but with the military overdoing it. He leaves and finds an open entry from the top, where he finds more soldiers. After getting annoyed by their radio calls, he reveals himself and shoots them both. He gets angered by how they aimed for his head and nearly killed him, and quits being "Mr. Nice Guy" because he keeps believing that one of them will hear him out, but it doesn't happen. He then enters the labs and sees microscope shots of cells, claiming it to be the microbiology department. He wonders why the military wants to kill microbiologists, or why they need the very expensive hologram projector in the corner. He then leaves, talks about killing everyone and being a psychopath, and hits the launch button. He realizes that he just launched the giant missile from earlier, worried that he just started World War III. He leaves the station and finds a ridged pipe that leads up the rockface to escape, only to realize he is in the middle of the desert in New Mexico. As he doesn't have food or water, he goes back and talks more about killing everyone for survival, and returns to the same point he was before, only that one of the base doors are open and the dead bodies are gone. He proceeds to the door to leave, only to see something tragic: THE WAY OUT IS BACK UNDERGROUND. Freeman stays where he is protests about going down, ending the episode.

Episode 31Edit

After questioning why microbiologists would need a missile silo, Freeman takes a small look around for another way out. He gets shot out of nowhere by a sniper, changing his mind about going underground. He goes down and finds a laser trip wire, believing it to be a camera until he activates the trigger. He grabs the other one and takes a nearby tram car, which goes out of control and crashes right after freeman jumps off it. He kills a couple more soldiers, explaining that he would punch someone in the face if they talk about their commute again. He stumbles upon an abandoned missile silo, and drops down to start searching while naming some other spree killers. He sees an alien eating a dead soldier, believing they were making out. He kills it, and another one under the stairway, and walks across to another stairway while questioning whether or not he is a hero, cause it is not very heroic to save only yourself. The stairway appears flooded, so he swims under to see if he can find any car keys. He rises back up after complaining about getting bitten by worms, and says he feels that everything will loop in on itself. He slips off a wall and falls in another pool of water, pointing out how low class Black Mesa is. He swims underwater to a different hallway where he stops in an almost-flooded room for air. He takes a breather and bitches about getting bitten again by worms, ending the episode.

Episode 32Edit

After retaining his air supply and complaining about business expansion and marketing, Gordon swims even further and stumbles upon the way out by mistake. He becomes hungry, from swimming and beating things to death, and regrets not bringing any extra snacks, to which he sees a shark-like alien eat a scientist. Freeman shoots some more barnacles and questions how much he knows about Black Mesa, wondering if it's a "James Bond villain company" where the world is being taken over and he doesn't even know it. He spots a scientist, who tells him about the tranquilizer gun in the shark cage to use against the monster. Freeman replies that he would rather use his shotgun, being a "real gun". He looks at a markerboard with messed up writing, reminding him of how he used to show up to class drunk in college. As he remembers how great it was to have a med student as a roommate (so he could get drunk and not get a hangover), he jumps in the shark cage and retrieves the tranquilizer gun, bummed that the darts contain zylocine, which he cannot get high of off. The cage falls in water, as Freeman swims away and gets strangled again by another barnacle, and escapes the water. He angrily shoots the monster multiple times with his shotgun, and finds another exit door. He then realizes he would be ripped after the day is done, so he would desperately need to hit the clubs. He decides to go to Dallas, where the military would not find him in a nightclub. Gordon then stumbles upon a room with multiple barnacles. The episode ends with him explaining that he would not for sure get to Dallas at that night.

Episode 33Edit

Gordon complains about the barnacles possibly getting his suit bloody again, while realizing he could use his sachel charge to create a slip and slide of hell. He spots some shotgun ammo on a crate, but falls in and gets ambushed by aliens. He fortunetly kills them with his shotgun, observing that they are taking advice from the military, and also the strangness of mortal kombat. He stumbles upon another water-filled room, pointing out the hazardness of wet floors, and sees another shark. He moves on an gets attacked by another alien that jumps him while distracted from the collapsing platforms, angry at how the military and aliens are fighting not each other, but Gordon and unarmed civillians. Gordon stumbles upon a ragged gate and climbs over it, proving to himself that he is superior to marine life as well. He exits and gets tired of swimming, pointing out that it was the cause of Bruce Lee's death (or painkillers). He brags about being the "Bruce Lee of physics" and spots the G-Man, but gets interrupted by two bullsquids. He discovers a set of giant pistons, looking back at it being the same as the crate-smashing room. He walks through the bottom while estimating that democracy works in a way that a billion dollars would only be received the next year if the first billion is spent the first year. He wonders about getting a dead pig to throw in the pistons with a lab coat on, and gets ambushed by a bullsquid. He gets shocked about how close it was, and guesses that he would use the pistons to kill himself if it took over his body. He kills more aliens, breaks a computer, and encounters another surviving scientist, who tells him that his suit is making him a human tracking device. The show ends with him telling the scientist that he gets to live, which assumates that he would probably kill any other person he sees.

Episode 34Edit

Gordon decides to keep the suit, because though he hates everyone stalking him, he would rather not die of bullets. He enters the vent system, which he dislikes due to the low temperature, and escapes down to more pipes. He complains about how great it was when everything was normal and not taken over by aliens, and also how he would use the electric aliens as a useable power source. He sees a guard get killed, and gets shot by a squad of female black ops assassins, which he assumes to be ninjas. After concluding that Black Mesa is a James bond Villan company, he sees a skylight window and realizes its morning. He complains about being insane and finds the way out, while deciding to ditch the suit after he finds a car. He then gets ambushed by the military. The episode ends with Freeman being taken away and two military soldiers planning to kill him, laughing evilly.

[Note: this episode crosses over with the the fifteenth episode of Barney's Mind.]

Episode 35Edit

Gordon wakes up in a trash compactor without any of his weapons. He fortunatly escapes easily without harm, but with his memory gone blank, leaving him wondering if he got drunk. He finds his crowbar and finds a garbage chute that leads him back to the surface. He walks through the area wondering what happened, and kills some facehuggers with his crowbar. He spots a dead guy and a water-activated elevator, where he takes a good look and realizes he is in the middle of nowhere, wondering if he is a werewolf. He takes the elavator down while complaining about how lazy black mesa is, and crawls through a vent leading to a waste storage area. He drops down and sees a security guard, thinking he could sell him back his dropped gun for money, only to see him get eaten by a barnacle. He stops to investegate further, with the show ending with him bummed that he won't get any money from him now.

Episode 36Edit

Freeman picks up the guard's gun and kills some more barnacles and headcrabs, while wandering around the area. He gets lost and complains about more random stuff, and keeps going in circles several times. He finally finds a vent to go through, which he gets to by walking around the edge of a waste container. He gets though and crawls as the show fades and ends, with Gordon saying "If this ends up being a fuel line and gas starts flooding in here, I'm gonna look REALLY stupid.".

Episode 37 Edit

Freeman continues through the pipeline while thinking about how he was asked during a job interview where he would be in five years, then reaches a conveyer belt that throws him into a cramped corridor with a small pool of water. He complains again about how the doors are locked and the giant helpings of meat hurling from opposite sides of the room, then decides to swim underwater to leave. He spies orange gases in another area, wondering whether or not cheetos were made that way. He swims deeper through more obstacles, including a rotating crusher, and finally finds air again wondering if he is actually going the right way. He spies stairs and a door, which, unfortunatly, lead back to the room he was locked in. He leaves by going underwater again while realizing he was now prepared whenever he got alsimers and had a cane that could turn into a sword, and gets sucked through a current that leads to a conveyer belt control area. He finds his magnum, happy that he found another gun that was more powerful the he anticipated, only to be pissed off again after killing a snot monster. After taking a look at the monster, he remembers seeing them and fully regains his memory of what happened. He once again circles back to the meat-processing room, finds some satchel charges, then goes back to kill more aliens and activate the conveyer and stomper controls, with the gratitude that he is certain he isn't late for work. He rides the conveyer, hoping that it would lead to a ball pit, and stops in a room that exits through giant stompers and robot arms. He decides to take a quick nap, ending the episode with him freaking out thinking he saw a bat.

Episode 38Edit

Freeman leaves because of the bat. He makes his way past more crushers, complaining about how one is tapping out morse code. He gets past it seeing a biohazard sign, the possibility of falling to his death, and a tank of acid. He makes it though, and hears fire. He makes it past an incinerator, and complains about a catwalk that can't be accessed normally. He sees a door that looks like it belongs to a shrine. He kills another headcrab and finds another dead end. He finds a locked door and calls the builders of the temple savages. He complains that gremlins are building exits later so he'll look like an idiot later. He finds another alien and runs out of 9mm bullets. He tries a conveyer backwards, and finds two tripmines. He finds a door that just goes back to where he was.

Episode 39Edit

Freeman finds out he has satchel charges and he can make his own exit as he dodges the meat rollers. He makes his way through a crusher, and some acid and thinks the sign is tricking him. He sees himself in a dog kennel and gets out as he meets, the alien grunt. He samshes a button and then kills the grunt with the satchel charge. He finds himself in a bio lab and presses a button. Then boom went the Headcrabs in the room. He opens the door, sees a soldier and thinks he will help. But the soldier shoots him. He had no choice but to kill the soldier. Then when he walks by a corner, he sees a security guard, thinks he waved the soldier past him, then killed him. He finds a room full of soldiers. After they all died. He took the Mp5 and SPAS - 12 and didn't know how he would make his way out of the lab.

Episode 40Edit

Freeman thinks that he is hired for one thing also fifty other things because most people died. He finds a new path, then hears an explosion. He dosen't like those sounds when he doesen't do it. Then the door sloses on him. he still makes his way through and sees two button. He decides to refuse to press the buttons. He finds two soldiers walk along. He pretends it is like a game of tag, and he says after he kills them "No tagbacks." Another grunt comes and he pwns it with his SMG. This next part is where you know that Freeman always needs his personal space. He gets one more soldier then goes upstairs. There is a room full of Bullsquids and soldiers. He yells uncalmly and tells everyone to calm down. Then he disovers the lasers in the room. He turned on 4 lasers but he refused to get the tau cannon because he doubted it was safer with blood on it. Then he turns on the red laser. Freeman loves the entertainment of the lasers.

Episode 41Edit

Freeman still doesen't think the laser is good enough. He wants it to fire continuesly and thinks it not good enough that it points only at that wall. He reads Do not obstruct laser sheild. He then decides to obstruct it by ousing the crate on the sheild. The lasers burns the wall up with an explosion. He turns on the laser again and finds it like a party. Then he goes into the big hole. He carefully makes it across the edges and then sees the slicer. When he sees a scientist, he pulls out his gun and then the scientist talks about how they have scanner access. He gets one guy to follow him, tells him to be careful, then the scientist dies. There were 2 more left. He opens the door and turns off the slicer. He gets only one scientist to follow him, because the other is being an idiot. He walks ahead and tells the guy to be careful about the aliens. He smashes the glass and after all of the headcrabs die, he goes along. He goes to the scanner room and the soldier shoots him from the side. Freeman says "I thought I said no tagbacks, what the hell." the scientist tells him that he has to be careful out there. He goes out, kills a soldier, kills two turret guns. and thinks that the Biolab is the weather department. He climbs over some explosives and kills two soldiers with one satchel charge. It was his last one. He kills two more soldiers and sees a mortar and a helicopter. He should have got that Tau Cannon.

Episode 42Edit

He takes a peek out and the soldiers start attacking. He runs into the water and finds an itchyosuar into the water and yells "SHARRK!!!!!" He swims and climbs up a ladder. He kills the soldier in the mortar, takes down the helicopter with his smg, and kills the shark. He uses the grenade on it when its dead because he thinks its faking its death. He also says "damn" a lot in the episode. He turns on the turbine control and searches the lake. He finds a tunnel and turns the wheel. He takes some breath breaks and keeps on going. Then he goes through the tunnel. He also wanted to flood the canyon and it is what he did. He swims around and finds two tunnels that go the same way back in on itself. He goes through and finds another helicopter. It was going to be a big day for him.

Episode 43Edit

Gordon does not like helicopters. He goes out the tunnel. He sees Headcrabs then avoids them. He climbs the ladder then makes a jump. He only sees ammo there so he continues climbing. He tries shooting at the helicopter, then a Hound eye comes. He kills it then goes into a rock tunnel. The Helicopter is still there, he then encounters a soldier attack. Then he turns a wheel. He thought it did nothing. He then went into another rock tunnel. The helicopter is still there and he comes to a minefield. He runs to the side and goes to another rock tunnel. He even collected a lot of grenade rounds. He sees a tentacle. He goes back and runs past the side avoiding mines. He sees the storm drain latch he opened. He makes a jump into the hole through the fence in case he runs into a mine. There was a small fence blocking it too. He climbs down the ladder and sees a breakable grate. He didn't know it was breakable. He stopped here.

Episode 44Edit

The Episode begins where Freeman last left off in the drainage pipe, he then breaks open the gate and continues on. He thinks on about a pattern he is experiencing everywhere he goes, which leads him on to say he hates going underground repeatedly (as seen throughout the series). He arrives outside of the pipe and starts killing HECU soldiers that are surrounding the are, climbing on short ledges on the mountain as well. He then starts exclaiming on how fearsome the high the mountains are. Freeman comes across a rusty and broken down bridge and starts talking about how he needs a grappling hooks. He finds another catwalk connected to some of the pipelines, and starts rumbling on about how he notices it difference from the other ones, but still takes the ledge due to doubt. He then encounters a HECU soldier guarding a base built within the mountain, he kills him and finds a Rocket Launcher in the base, to his excitement, which causes him to speak with a poetic speech pattern. He blows up a HECU Chopper. Shortly after, he finds some ladders on a very narrow path way, he climbs up on them and nearly falls after reaching the third one. He finds a pipe along with a Headcrab in it, it leaps toward him and he dodges it, it then attacks him again but it misses, and falls off the mountain. The episode ends and the credits play.

Episode 45Edit

The episode begins in the left off drainage pipe. Freeman finds a small canal and thinks somebody started his waterpark idea. He hears HECU marines and talks (also sings) about how he should be a Major General. He notices a tank and takes it down. He notices another tank and runs into a couple HECU soldiers. Freeman couldn't stop talking quickly until the rocket tank tried shooting at him. He takes down that tank with his bullets. He thinks he was lucky for that. He goes through and big entrance but waits it out because he thinks there's another tank through the big entrance.

Episode 46Edit

The episode begins after Freeman had destroyed two tanks and a whole squad of HECU marines. He talks about about how he isn't a real general, and how killing people is his new job. After he leaves the station, he is soon met by more Alien Grunts and Vortigaunts, only to kill them before they land. He continues on through the area, avoiding mines and panics about debris almost detonating the mines, which causes him to become much more paranoid about proceeding. Freeman then comes across a corpse and steals the ammunition from his shotgun, but is interrupted by a nearby HECU sniper, forcing him to take cover near a tripmine that nearly explodes. He believes this sniper to be the same one that he encountered last night and evades his shots successfully. He then backtracks around the building in an attempt to find a way out, but to no avail, ending up in a dead end due to an electrified fence. Freeman then notices a ledge and climbs on it, now on the roof of the building. He ponders on what kind of planet the Xen creatures come from and how intelligent they are. After all this, Freeman comes across a hole in the ceiling and decides to go inside the building and threatens the scientist taking shelter within the building. The scientist explains that he was heading towards the Lambda complex until he came across a situation inside the building. The episode ends with Freeman asking the scientist if he has a deck of cards to play with.

Episode 47Edit

Continuing on from the previous episode, Freeman steps outside of the door and finds nothing, telling the scientist in the room that there is nothing there. He talks about what he was expecting, only to be disappointed, finding only tripmines and barrels of explosives. He enters the main room and finds a missile (which he assumes is active), barrels of explosives, and tripmines. Freeman questions on why he's going through such dangerous courses, as if he were stealing a diamond, to which Freeman questions if there is a diamond hidden in the facility. Freeman then makes it up to the control room and asks about the purpose of the lift, which leads him to think that Black Mesa uses it to kill cattle. Freeman then squeezes through the metal bars onto the elevator and heads down, whilst talking about why the scientist he met should be running away from the facility. Freeman then comes across the Hivehand, which he believes is alien larvae, and shoots it, as he believes it to be evil like all the other Xenians he has fought. He then witnesses a security officer running from HECU soldiers. Freeman engages them in a fire fight, however the security officer runs into his line of fire, killing him instantly. Freeman proceeds on killing the soldiers and scolds the security officer for being stupid, exclaiming that "friends are like weeds that scream.". Freeman then tries to hotwire a car, though he is unable to, and becomes angry. He is then stopped and forced to wait as a tank arrives and kills multiple Xen aliens, as well as one of their own HECU soldiers. 

Episode 48Edit

Freeman regrets accidentally shooting the security guard earlier, who (ignorantly) ran into his line of fire. Freeman then proceeds to evade the tank numerous times and witness a airstrike happening on the building besides him, causing him to panic and question if it was a nuclear bomb. He is quickly interrupted by a sniper and is forced into a building where he engages HECU marines in combat, screaming and warning them about the sniper outside. Shortly after the scuffle, he goes upstairs and finds a security officer standing by a locked door, who apparently did not hear Freeman shouting downstairs. The two find a large collection of weapons, explosives, and rockets, which causes Freeman to think about coming back and asking the guard if there are even more collections like this, and bring his friend named Eddie along as well. Shortly after acquiring the weaponry, Freeman takes out the tank and the sniper and climbs up the building that had just been bombed, killing even more HECU soldiers from the rooftop. He makes his way to a landing pad and destroys an Osprey whilst he is there. The episode ends with Freeman accidentally murdering the guard standing in front of the door, which makes him sprint away from the scene.

Episode 49Edit

As Freeman continues on through the surface, he attempts to break down a large door which happens to have loose joints. However, as soon as the door is opened, two Alien Grunts ambush him, to which Freeman wonders on what kind of weaponry the use, stating that "Earth bees are more hardcore than Space bees,". Soon after, he is ambushed by multiple Vortigaunts, in which he makes use of the .50 Caliber turret gun, murdering perhaps twenty of them. Arriving to the area full of corpses, Freeman encounters an Xenian 'trampoline', which he leads him to say "The asphalt has cancer,". 

After some fighting, Freeman makes his way into a tunnel with a door at the end. Before he can get to the end, a HECU unit opens it and throws in a grenade, closing and locking the door. Realizing the door's locked, Freeman decides he's just going to die in the tunnel. 

Episode 50Edit

Freeman is trapped in a small tunnel, blocked off by a metal door. It opens mysteriously and Freeman contemplates whether it was a ghost who opened it for him, which is followed by a quick battle with some soldiers while Freeman is wailing like a ghost while shooting at them with his shotgun

"I'm a ghost with a shotgun, woooooh! I'm going to haunt the shit out of you!"

Freeman finds his way out of the room through another tunnel and comes to a dead end with a locked door, still thinking about the paranormal activity that helped him out. He discovers a security guard upstairs and takes him to the door to unlock it, hoping that he listens to him and not like the other guards who didn't.

"People who don't listen to me tend to die."

Freeman and the guard encounter some Vortigaunts but quickly dispatch them, with the guard being badly wounded, which leaves Freeman very annoyed. As they make their way to a security booth, Freeman is surprised to see that the guard knows the code to unlock the door, saying that his death will go towards a greater good.

"Don't expect a statue or anything, unless you make it yourself, but with all the bombing there's not really much point."

As Freeman makes his way through the stone pathway to an underground car park, he finds a Gargantua, angry as ever, who uses a car to crush two soldiers against a wall. Freeman, stating that this is the wrong way, runs as fast as he can to the end of the car park, with the Gargantua in hot pursuit.

"Shoot him! You shoot his ass good! Fucking do it!" he calls out to the guard, whom he as left behind.

Freeman, out of breath, comes to a massive metal gate which he believes he cannot smash open. Nearby is an alien jump pad, which Freeman uses to jump over the gate. He notices the guard has made his way to the gate aswell, whom Freeman promptly dismisses. He carefully walks on a beam to an airstrike tactical map, where a military radio is sitting next to. A soldier who is calling for someone named "Cooper" yells out orders to forget about Freeman and that the HECU is pulling out of Black Mesa and commencing airstrikes.

"Come in, Cooper, do you copy? Forget about Freeman, we're abandoning the base! If you have any last bomb targets, mark them on the tactical map, otherwise, get the hell out of there!"

Freeman tries to use the map and finds that it's just what he needs to get out of here. Just as the smoke of an airstrike clears, Freeman hears the Gargantua's footsteps come ever closer with a gentle roar. The Gargantua sets the guard on fire and smashes his way through the gate, much to Freeman's surprise. He uses the tactical map to bring down an airstrike to destroy the Gargantua.

"Yes, walk into it, that's a good Godzilla! That's a good Godzilla! Yes, that's a good job!"

Freeman uses more airstrikes to take down a radio tower to use as a bridge over some kind of moat to get over another gate. He does so, but is quickly followed by a series of airstrikes which he did not call for. Freeman takes shelter in another car park with parts of the ceiling beginning to collapse.

"I don't even want to be here, so you'd think 'I don't want to be here, they don't want me here... This problem should solve itself pretty rapidly!' but it really seems to be persisting quite aggressively!'

Just before Freeman reaches a security office, larger chunks of the ceiling begin to cave in as the airstrikes come faster and faster. Almost immediately, the whole room is covered with massive pieces of rock and steel but miss Freeman with little room to spare. This concludes the episode with Freeman's final line:

"Ghosts? Anytime now."

Episode 51Edit

After deciding against staying in the destroyed room, Freeman makes his way through the door and hears a message from the HECU soldiers, saying to "Forget about Freeman". Hearing this, Gordon calls out to a nearby guard to tell him about the news and then attempts to remove himself from the employee list, but stops upon hearing the guard shooting at a turret.

Freeman then calls the guard 'his new bodyguard' and the two shoot down an Alien Grunt. Freeman then implies that the guard is useless as he's not shooting enough bullets at the aliens, and that the aliens will 'crush our heads like grapes if we don't take them down.' He then abandons the guard and leaves him to die when they're both ambushed by more Alien Grunts and some Vortigaunts. Freeman kills all of them and tells himself that "Chess does not prepare you for this" and remarking that he's been "disqualified from reality" after looking at an odd floating Xen rock full of Snarks.

Freeman continues down another hallway but is stopped by another Snark rock, which he calls "cosmic disco balls". Trying to pass it, he accidentally destroys it, sending various Snarks his way. He shoots them and proclaims that he 'wouldn't make a very good babysitter.'

He continues through the tunnels, fighting more Grunts and Snarks, only to find a dead end, much to Freeman's disappointment.

The episode ends with Freeman looking at a "STOP" sign and following it's advice, thinking everywhere's a dead end.

Episode 52 Edit

Freeman continues down the hallway and, after getting a little lost, manages to open up a hatchway into an underground maintenance area. He makes his way into an open tunnel and wonders if he took the longest route through the facility. Afterwards, he swims around for a little while, getting annoyed at the 'worms' biting him as he swims. He stops at a locked storage room, and is disappointed to find only a medkit and a HEV charger; things he doesn't need.

Freeman attempts to swim around a large spinning gear, only to get stuck with various worms biting him. He wonders if the worms are real or just his imagination. He then begins going on a rant when he finds the gear supposedly isn't doing anything and is completely useless, and then believes it was created to crush 'sharks' if they attempt to swim past.

He makes it up to the surface and, after fighting various HECU units and a tank, he begins talking about the HECU's stupidity after noticing the HECU units were facing the wrong direction. Freeman then enters an elevator, despite him thinking it's a trap. The episode ends with him saying that the elevator music does not match his mood.

Episode 53 Edit

Freeman exits the elevator only to be confronted by radioactive spills, which he is extremely annoyed about. He attempts to make the elevator go back up, but decides to progress when it doesn't work. He then, yet again, calls various HECU units "fucking morons" when he finds them hanging around the radioactive spills before killing them.

Freeman then finds a garage filled with more aliens and HECU units, and proceeds to shoot them all with a tank's 50 caliber and rocket launcher. After clearing out all the enemies, Freeman sees an Alien Grunt and throws a grenade at it, shouting at it to 'follow the happy ball!' When his plan doesn't work, he kills both the grunt and another grunt that was behind a wall, exclaiming that because the grunt didn't pick up the grenade, 'no one is happy.' He becomes increasingly annoyed when he is shot at by more grunts and a Xenian turret.

Freeman later boards a large elevator, and travels down it only to be cornered by a Bullsquid and some headcrabs. After killing them, he goes on another rant about the aliens. His rant stops mid-sentence upon finding a hallway full of blood and a dead scientist. The episode ends when Freeman decides not to go through the door in front of him after seeing the body and blood.

Episode 54 Edit

Freeman thinks about his decision to not go through the door, but he changes his mind when he thinks that he wouldn't make any progress if he was to turn around and leave whenever he sees a dead body covered in blood. Much to Freeman's surprise, through the door are Black Ops Assassins. He kills them while also constantly referring to them as ninjas, and ranting about them while doing so.

He then enters the Lambda labs, where he talks with one scientist and picks up the Gluon Gun from another. He grabs some ammo for the Gluon Gun and presses a button that unleashes various headcrabs. Needing to conserve ammo, Freeman runs out of the room and into a nearby elevator, leaving the scientist in the room to die. The episode ends with him wondering if he could have done things differently.

Episode 55 Edit

Freeman gets off the elevator and tests out the Gluon Gun on various enemies. Afterwards, he makes his way into a room with a scientist. The scientist tells Freeman that he has to flood the reactors and take a pipe to the core, which Freeman refuses. He makes his way back up some stairs and accuses a guard of being a murderer when he finds a blood stain he didn't notice on the wall. He travels to the first coolant system, while becoming paranoid that the guard is going to kill him.

Finding more bodies, Freeman becomes more and more paranoid of the guard that he thinks has gone postal. He then runs out of ammo for his Gluon Gun when fighting an Alien Grunt and decides to abandon it. He activates the first coolant system after killing a few Vortigaunts, one of which almost teleported inside him, which terrified Freeman.

After going on another short rant, he makes his way to the second cooling system while also getting even more paranoid of the guard from before. He's stopped, and the episode ends when the hallway to the second cooling system is blocked by falling concrete.

Episode 56 Edit

Freeman continues through the hallway to get to the second coolant system, fighting Alien Grunts along the way. He also sees one Alien Grunt who broke a catwalk and seemingly shrugged off shotgun pellets as high, and called him a 'galactic stoner.' He continues on his way, while also getting lower and lower on ammunition and also making fun of the intelligence of a dead scientist who he thinks killed himself.

After activating the second coolant system, Freeman makes his way back to the core, while also talking about how he believes a nuclear generator is kept in the Lambda labs. He refers to the scientists as "cultists with advanced degrees" and then decides to go and talk to the scientist he met earlier, while also threatening the guard he's paranoid of.

The scientist tells Freeman to flood the core, which he agrees to. On the way, he, again, threatens and insults the guard. After fighting some more Alien Grunts, he stays in the corner of the cores entrance and tells himself that the aliens are just hallucinations that fight back and kill other people.

Episode 57 Edit

Freeman decides to continue forward when he thinks his plan to cause aliens who want to sneak up on him to teleport inside the walls will only cause nothing but trouble. Before entering the reactor, Freeman finds a medkit and uses the morphine inside to get high. He then enters the reactor. He floods the reactor, and now being in his drugged state, sees himself as a hero and constantly repeats "I'm a hero!"

While constantly being electrocuted, he then makes his way up the shaft of the reactor. He grabs some supplies upon reaching the top and, after mocking the design of the building when he tries to activate a broken elevator from the outside, climbs up the ladder of the elevator shaft. Freeman finds some more supplies and turns down some more morphine as he doesn't want to overdose. He finds another guard and, now in a heavily drugged state, questions what the guard is, and tells himself again that he's a hero while also injecting more morphine from a medical station.

Afterwards, Freeman sees the G-Man walk into a portal through a window. Freeman then says "I think I just watched someone kill himself by walking into the portable sun" while also questioning the existence of such a thing. He continues through the hall and finds more portals, which he thinks are stars and begins wondering if they even exist or if it's just the morphine making him hallucinate.

After some more fighting, walking, and drugged talking, Freeman finds more portals, and decides to touch one. As it's an exit portal, nothing happens and Freeman sees it as just a hologram. He then goes to touch an entry portal, and the episode abruptly ends.

Episode 58 Edit

The episode opens with Freeman being teleported into Half-Life: Uplink. Due to being high, he assumes he came in through the door behind him and locked it. After unsuccessfully trying to open the door with his crowbar, he assumes he blacked out, and he supposedly remembers gas filling the room, ghosts, and wizards. Freeman then finds a guard and a scientist, and the two talk about a broken transmitter filled with radiation, and they suggest Freeman enters and attempts to fix it.

Freeman initially seems to disagree, but goes along with it anyway, entering an elevator and going upwards. He arrives at a small storage room with a vending machine, and he goes to smash it open with a crowbar. He leaves and refuses to take the soda with him when the vending machine malfunctions and explodes, claiming the soda is bad.

After shooting a couple of headcrabs, Freeman encounters another guard. Freeman brags about his rocket launcher, while also attempting to annoy the guard by pointing the laser guide at the guard's face, but is unsuccessful.

Freeman makes his way through a small warehouse, fighting more HECU units while also making fun of their stupidity when they begin bombing each other again. After some more fighting, he mows down a couple of troops with a 50. caliber. He then begins questioning whether one of the troops ran into his own grenade and died, was blown up by one of his squad members or was running at Gordon suicide-bomber style and got his timing wrong, which also had him wonder if the constant friendly fire caused by the units were actually accidents or not.

Making his way into a nearby building, while also mocking the HECU's intelligence, Freeman attempts to open a door with explosives, but fails. He attempts to get in with the control panel on the side, but is interrupted by the voice of a scientist over an intercom, which Freeman mistakes for the voice of the ghost that supposedly helped him in Episode 50, remarking that 'he sounds different than I'd imagined.' He then fixes the radio transmitter and the scientist tells Freeman to meet him down below, much to Freeman's disappointment, with him saying he doesn't want to die yet.

Freeman begins thinking to himself that he probably shouldn't trust the ghost anymore, and a few moments later, various HECU troops breach the room. Freeman then begins attempting to kill them with grenades from the SMG, but instead causes the roof of the hallway past the door to fall and get him trapped. The episode ends with him attempting to move the roof, but failing. Of course, Gordon blames the ghost.

Episode 59 Edit

The episode begins with Freeman attempting to lift up the fallen roof, but is unsuccessful. He then turns a valve to stop gas from flooding the room, but finds a small shaft under the valve, which he goes down. Thinking the area he's in is a dungeon, Freeman progresses forward, and hears more odd cries in the distance, which he thinks are various ghosts howling. Afterwards, he happily watches as a HECU unit is dragged upwards and eaten by a Barnacle, saying that 'I could get some popcorn for this.'

After thinking that the intelligence of the Zombies are increasing, Freeman sees a quick bright flash of green, which he mistakes for a green person, or he was shot in the head and is able to hear colours. He then walks back through the maze of storage containers he came through before, while, like always, insulting the HECU's intelligence.

Freeman makes his way through the interior of the lab, killing more aliens. He begins to think that a nearby guard herded them into the area, and immediately became impressed. He isn't as impressed when he finds the guard and scientist from the start of Episode 58 though. The guard asks Gordon if he knows what's going on, and Freeman replies, calling the guard 'hopeless' and 'a bored kid wanting to know what time lunch is' before insulting his intelligence. Afterwards, he sees another bright green flash, which he shakes off after seeing a still-live scientist with a headcrab attached to his head.

Freeman sees another Gargantua passing by in another room, and he then climbs the top of a fallen vent. He then crawls around inside one, only to have it fall in a room where the Gargantua is. He attempts to kill it with grenades, but is then cornered by the Gargantua, and then becomes increasingly worried that he's going to die for sure then the Gargantua closes in on him, but is saved by a random teleportation. The episode then ends abruptly.

Episode 60 Edit

The episode starts with Freeman recovering from the teleportation and attempting to shoot at the Gargantua, but instead shoots a scientist and yells at his colleagues, and threatens to shoot them as well. He finds another portal and appears in the room he was in at the end of Episode 57, and then becomes impressed when he realizes the floating orbs are portals. He begins coming up with theories as to how the portals work while he tests out the other portals around the area and seeing where they go.

After a while of trying different portals, Freeman is teleported to a room with an orb larger than the others. Freeman suspects the orb 'knows things' and that it has answers. The episode abruptly ends when he walks into it.

Episode 61Edit

Freeman re-enters the teleportation area once more, ranting about the design of the room as soon as he realizes he's back. As he makes his way up, he questions how the portals know how to teleport him and the suit, and how he's not naked after teleportation. After reaching the top platform rotating around the 3 final portals, he goes through the 7th as he already went through the 8th, and the 9th portal appears to be "fucked up". After the teleportation sequence is finished, he winds up in another teleportation based area, although this time, the room is filled with radiation, as his Geiger counter starts ticking. He initially contemplates going through the room, but has no other choice due to the lack of an escape route. After maneuvering around the area, pressing buttons, and escaping through the central portal, he finds himself at the exit of the previous teleportation area, and continues onward.

After shooting some headcrabs that were in his path, he climbs up a ladder to find a scientist and security officer holed up in a room, with the former wielding a shotgun and aiming it at Freeman, causing him to take cover, though this is just a misunderstanding. Freeman pleads to be teleported to Massachusetts, whilst the scientist and officer inform him on going to Xen, and killing a creature that is holding the rift between Earth and Xen open. Freeman pays no attention to this, constantly reinforcing his request to be teleported to Massachusetts. He enters the area used to teleport researchers to Xen, and awaits the completion and formation of the portal. During the process, Alien Controllers manage to make a breach, and attack Freeman during the start up process. He is unsure if the process is finished, as the portal starts to emit particles outward, and decides to jump through anyway. Whilst running, he can hear someone shout at him nonsense, only able to make out "back rubs" due to the intensity of the energy shots and generation of the portal causing his hearing to become muffled. He jumps through the portal, and finds himself in a loophole, screaming as he's teleported.

[Note: this episode crosses over with the tenth episode of Shephard's Mind.]

Episode 61.5Edit

Episode 61.5 is set in between the last episode and the next. As predicted by Freeman in the last episode, the teleport did in fact create a clone of him. Freeman went to Xen, and the clone went to a forest in another area. He appears in the sky, and screams as he falls into a lake. He exclaims "Hey! I think it worked!" He climbs up a watchtower to see where he is. He is very happy to have escaped Black Mesa, as he hasn't heard any bombs or been attacked since he arrived at the forest. Trying to find shelter and food, he comes across some old ruins, and decides to leave them alone. He later finds an old house, and enters it, holding up his gun, expecting to see people he could rob. However, nobody is there. He finds a map, but it is too smudged to read. He leaves the building, and sees a Jeep. He decides to drive it to Massachusetts, and the episode ends with him turning on the radio and heading towards the city.

The series continues with the real Gordon Freeman in episode 62.

Episode 62Edit

The episode begins with Gordon Freeman being teleported onto a platform in Xen. At first, he complains about how horrible the teleportation was before realizing he wasn't teleported to Massachusetts. This revelation results in him screaming a bunch of times before complaining about dizziness. After a few seconds of hyperventilating (as well as a jump to test the gravity) he determines that he had to do something, and proceeds to use his newly acquired long-jump module to jump towards other platforms. After shooting a Vortigaunt (after taking a second to reload) he sees, on the same platform he was on, a dead body with similar looking armor, calling it a "wonderful fucking omen" and that it "so concisely sums up everything." After jumping towards another platform, he gets ambushed by a Vortigaunt, who teleported next to him. A Houndeye also shows up, though Freeman manages to shoot it after it hits him with its sonic attack.

Continuing onwards, Freeman then determines he needs to head to a big island with a bunch of rotating, smaller islands surrounding it. As he traverses the islands, he wonders how the islands are floating (his theories were they were made of a lighter gas or that it had something to do with magnetism.) Eventually, he begins to start freaking out (despite ironically saying he wasn't) and ends up calling the big island "a giant plate-balancing trick designed by H.R Giger." Eventually, he lands on top of the big islands surface, wondering aloud how it was dense enough to sustain gravitational pull. He then moves off of a ledge to the underbelly of the island.

As he lands, a Houndeye and a Xenien Crystal begin attacking him, forcing Freeman to flee. As Freeman kills the first Houndeye, several more join the fray. Temporarily taking shelter inside a crack, he starts to wonder how many scientists had been there before him due to a first aid kit he found. He then concludes that the reason he never got a helmet was because they had run out. Exiting the crevice, he is attacked by the Xenien Crystals again, forcing him to fight back. He manages to destroy one before getting attacked by two Houndeyes. He kills both of them, though he comments for the last one to "go.. do your little.. dance.." in a confused tone of voice as the last one hops away.

Getting attacked by one more Xenien Crystal shortly after his skirmish with the Houndeyes, he chooses to ignore it in favor of a plant with a glowing tip, which always hid away from him when it came close. When it pops into the ground, he wonders if it stole a piece of his soul. He was about to smack it with his crowbar before he concludes it wasn't worth it. After investigating the island's resources, he heads into a small hole in the wall, destroying a patch in the wall within.

Entering the patch, he finds a room with several bulbous plants and lots of water. Determining he could last for weeks within the room, he declares "This is my new home!" Looking around the room, he begins touching various mushroom like plants within, which begin glowing. Investigating some more, he comes across a cage full of "rhombuses" as Freeman calls them. Deciding he couldn't eat them, he destroys the cage and sets them free.

As Freeman contemplates shooting the rhombuses, all of them move towards the mushrooms, which served as lasers for a teleporter. As the area glows green, Freeman screams out that this was "the second worst apartment I've had." As the room slowly closes in on him, Freeman enters the teleporter.

Freeman finds himself on another island, with another dead body similar to the one before. As he looks down towards the body, he hears some distant thumping as the credits roll.

Episode 63Edit

The episode begins with Freeman examining a reasearchers corpse trying to guess his origin. He then notices and kills two headcrabs as the Gonarch walks out. Seeing the alien Freeman backs up into a Xen tree and gets hit. Afterwords he then creeps towards the cave the Gonarch emerged from asking if it was to much to hope for that the Gonarch would ignore him, he is then attacked by the Gonarch as he long-jumps near the cave. He then runs into a side area while firing at the Gonarch. Freem then question if it is dying from the shots before he decides not, and tosses a grenade at it as he runs back into the side area. He speculates that he missed before firing his rocket launcher saying he cannot think of a better use. Freeman then runs into the Gonarch's cave and begins hitting at blocking debre with his crowbar before noticing the Gonarch running towards him, he then long jumps out of the cave. He starts screaming hes "Freaking out" and telling the Gonarch to "Die more" while throwing grenades and firing rockets at the appraching Gonarch. Freeman continues evading the Gonarch's "White spider-web hellmilk" continuing to firing rockets as he imitating the Gonarches whines. The Gonarch then begins to retreat to its cave while Freeman attacks two smaller heacrabs thanking them for their "input". Freeman returns to investigating the dead researcher. He begins to suspect the scientist were randomly teleporting researchers to xen as he notices a disconnected island. Thinking it was another teleporter he long jumps to it, nearly falling off only to find it was a puddle then curses the aliens under his breath and jumps back to the main island and continues his speculation of the scientist teleporting mishaps. Seeing no other option Freeman walks into the cave the Gonarch emerged from stating the he doesnt understand how the Gonarch is alive as he has taken down tanks with less ammunition. He then begins to speculate the Gonarch of bieng the alien he was looking for re-calling what the scientist had said "You will know it when you see it", and he thinks that if he kills it they will teleport him back but then decides they wont. He then finds another dead researcher with an ammo canister which contains rockets just as the cave collapses forcing Freeman to run forward. Freeman says he did not expect that just as he notices the Gonarch at the caves exit. He questions how it is alive again as he begins to want a mech suit from aliens. He walks up to the Gonarch and calls himself the ambassador of earth stating as he throws all his satchel charges below the Gonarch calling them gifts. He walks back to the cave and detonates the charges as he pulls out and fires his rocket launcher. He is then forced out of the cave and having no rockets left he begins using his grenade launcher while screaming and debating weither the Gonarch was God or not stating "This is not what I pictured at all". He continues to fight the Gonarch with his grenade launcher and grenades while screaming at it as if it was god. Soon Freeman forces the Gonarch to retreat into another cave as he begins to think the scientist blew up the universe and he survived due to his suit but quickly dismisses the thought as he kills Three more headcrabs and finds another canister of rockets but dislikes due to them giving him bad memories of the Gonarch. As he enter the cave the gonarch retreated into he notices a floating rock and sees it had not moved after his exploseves went off which leads him to think the ammo he has been finding are dummy rounds givin to the researcher so the scientist would not waste money on live rounds. As he jumps down a hole in the cave Freeman reinforces his thought that the scientist will not teleport him back saying he would kill them depending on what they said afterwords. After reaching the bottem he finds the Gonarch running but as soon as he moved toward it he slips out of the cave and falls into a pit with the Gonarch above. He uses his remaining rockets, causing the Gonarch to fall into the put, so he begins to use his mp5 telling the Gonarch to stay on it's side. he eventually kills it but is being swarmed by small headcrabs. With little options Freeman grabs another canister of ammo and jumps into a hole in the pit made by the Gonarch which has a teleporter at its base taking him to another location and ending the episode.

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Episode 68 (Series/Season finale) Edit

Freeman's Mind 2 Episode 1Edit

After twenty years in stasis, Freeman is awakened by the G-Man and goes through a dream like state as the G-Man delivers a monologue. Freeman panics when G-Man is too close and orders him to back away. Once G-Man finishes his monologue, he drops Freeman off on a train inbound for a city. Freeman is relived to be back on earth again, and informs a citizen on the train that he won't be going back.

Freeman wonders where he is, and thinks that he is in Hawaii, although notes that the surroundings don't look like Hawaii.


The cheats used by the creator in Freeman's Mind are as follows, keep in mind the exact damage values are unknown, these are just estimates based on what has been seen in the series:

  • increase 9mm/MP5 power: sk_plr_dmg_9mm_bullet 20 (must be entered again after every loading point, as well as the other damage increasing cheats)
  • increase shotgun power: sk_plr_dmg_buckshot 15
  • increase crowbar power: sk_plr_dmg_crowbar 20
  • godmode (to make himself invincible for the point of making the series easier to create)
  • noclip (used for "pull ups" and other related climbing feats
  • bind "insert key here" noclip: How he manages to use noclip without opening the console.
  • to holster (put away) weapon: impulse 200 (or r_drawviewmodel)

Freeman constantly makes references to pop culture items such as "The Shining", "Aliens", "Star Wars", "Jurassic Park", "The Warriors", and the works of HP Lovecraft.

In the series Gordon talks mostly to himself and out loud. Some people mistake his speech for being only in his mind (the name Freeman's Mind) but this is not so. He either talks to himself silently or out loud or is ignored by his co-workers apparently.

Episode 7 of Freeman's Mind 2 features a crossover with Scott's other machinima series, Civil Protection. Scott and Craig Mengel reprise their roles as Mike and Dave, respectively.

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