Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2

Freeman-ish Mind 2
Genre Comedy
Created by Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien
Produced by Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien
Directed by Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien
Production Studio Independent
Starring Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien as Gordon Freeman
Games used Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Running time 5-10 Minutes per episode
Release date November 14, 2010–April 4, 2012
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Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2 is an unofficial sequel to Ross Scott's series Freeman's Mind. It is created by Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien (CptCool) and is based during the events of Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

In 2014 Centaur1um announced his retirement. As of 2017, all episodes are now private.

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