DasBoSchitt is a YouTuber who created the Gmod Idiot Box series. I think he is very talented. Hes been doing this series for 5 years. This is why he's mostly known, but he's also known for YouTube Poop [YTP]

He uses: AudaCity, Fraps, YTMND, Valve Hammer, and few more.


DasBoSchitt is notably popular for the creation of the Gmod Idiot Box series.  The series remains to be his most prominently made series to date.  Along with the Idiot Box series, DasBoSchitt has also created a new series called Youtube Ave.

Gmod Idiot BoxEdit

The Gmod Idiot Box remains as BoSchitt's highest viewed series and his most updated series.  The Gmod Idiot Box is a series of skits featuring audio from television shows or ragdoll characters doing original skits.  The series has also spawned a large amount of characters from the skits.


DasBoSchitt has done several Youtube Poops mainly featuring footage from the TV show King of the Hill.  The videos also feature aduio from music tracks and other tv shows and footage.  It follows the normal routine of YTps with random nonsense and no coherent story.

Youtube Ave.Edit

Youtube Ave. is BoSchitt's newest series.  It originally began as a sponsor video for for Machinima videos.  The series features two main characters that create Let's Plays in order to collect money and become popular.


DasBoSchitt:  DasBoSchitt is commonly featured in the beginning of every Gmod Idiot Box   He is commonly harmed by Number 1 but manages to survive.  In one episode, he is badly injured by Number 1 and is taken to a doctor.  He gets a new face model but it is soon replaced by its original face.

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