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Coach goes Camping
Episode Information
Series The Adventures of Coach
Upload date Sept 2, 2013
Views 76,611
Duration 9 minutes 4 seconds
Created by Dizztah
Episode Navigation
Coach meets Demoman
Vin Diesel War

Coach goes Camping is the 3nd Episode of Dizztah's The Adventures of Coach series.


Coach gathered the left 4 dead group for the "camping day" and it was a good/funny idea but the ending of the camping tour wasn't like they planned at all. The survivors of left 4 dead went to the forest and had fun 'til the infected came around.


the scene starts from Zoey sleeping on her bed. The alarm clock sets off but doesn't wake her up. Louis shouts at her to wake up. Zoey refuses and continues to rest. He throws a doll at her head which wakes her as he laughs.


  • Everybody Hates Rochelle: 
    • She was slapped by Nick after showing some big round tits, (no, not her tits, replicas.) but she didn't die.
    • She was half-heartedly collided by Coach's vehicle, which he drives in reverse.
      • Hey, at least Bill, Nick, Ellis, Zoey, & Louis is also left behind.
  • Cheeseburger Apocalypse-mode Coach: He used it at the end of the show.
  • Francis hates X:
    • Birds
    • Heliopters
    • Hospitals
    • Tunnels
    • Planes
    • Small town
    • Trainyard
    • Water
  • First appearance of Shawn.

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