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Clyde's debut in the Gman Squad machinima/improvised skit series was in the episode Grunts, in the special segment Clyde Tells How It Is.


Clyde introduces himself to the audience and states that he has worked for Black Mesa for over 40 years, and then complains about the presence of the HECU Grunts. He also states his trust in his day's government during the War of 1812 when they "trusted them pretty well". As he continues he notices the Gman Squad running around near the silo door and derogatorily calls them "a bunch of faggots". Therefore, in order for him to continue, he opens the silo door and the squad moves in. However, when he notices that the squad is getting back, he coaxes them that "there's candy" beyond the silo door, and the Gman Squad falls for Clyde's trick.

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