its the beta version of Half-Life 2 of 2003 the moment that youve been waiting for! its the music video i used the anon version. i got it as a torrent not the russion one because its a bit complicated to move the mouse around in the russion version. anyway i have 2 music videos of "Hit the Floor*. there is 1 and 2 videos of them. sorry about the blur. dont fuckin ask me why its blury! i just want you to watch it thats all! before my story of half-life 2 beta dont call my videos bad fuckin names please. okay right lets do it!!! right " once apon a time in 1999 the Raising The Bar has started. in Raising the Bar Alyx is diffrent Everyone in the game is diffrant even the enimes are diffrant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then. in 2003 its now the anon russian and leak sourcecode. AND there is now cut enimes. the Combine guard and any cut enimey. >:) so but sadly in 2004 its..... gone. <;(


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