• GoldenBluebird

    It's been more than three years since I've stopped editing on this wiki frequently. Back in 2010, I have made several edits removing the contents of the contributions of some editors, two of which are Cr0ssfirepwn3D and RandomContributor who've made several edits to improve the wiki. I've also made a few responses to said editors in the talk pages of some articles where I claim that their contributions are "ruining the wiki" and, in the guise of an anonymous contributor, created a page that was targeted against them. Why did I do all this? Well, it was mostly due to the feeling of jealousy of the fact that there are editors who were much better at editing than I do that I decided to remove the contents they added, and gave "reasons" as to …

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  • Cr0ssfirepwn3D

    No one knows if the improvement they want to make is right or wrong. But then, when people make suggestions that are conflicting, and it cannot be settled, we would of course need help. I need to find the admins or any other person who can clean up this mess. If anyone sees this, you probably know. Either we consult the admins or other community team members, or settle a deal. I am trying to help this wiki, but we need a superior to take a closer look and give his verdict. I'm getting sick of this. Cr0ssfirepwn3D 04:23, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Thev101

    Hello. I am the creator of a not so famous machinima series, "The Gordon and Barney Show". Here is the article I made about it: The Gordon and Barney Show

    Yes I spelled Gordon wrong in the title of this blog. I typed too fast and didn't notice.

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