Attack of the giant Louis
On that day, the survivors received a grim reminder.
Episode Information
Upload date Jul 27, 2009
Views 1,547,342
Duration 43 seconds
Created by RubberFruit
That's why Louis should not run out of pills.


Louis was siitting down enjoying his pills, while his other 3 friends are watching him. Running out of pills, he begins to scream, and became a Giant. Bill calls the two to evacuate, only gets crushed by Louis when he got slipped. As Zoey tries to calm Louis down with extra pills, he ate her instead. After that, Francis calls Louis a "Shit", and get crushed by the Giant pills-addicting survivor.


"I made Louis that big, by putting him in the skybox."
  • As said by the uploader itself, the Giant Louis scenes are filmed with skybox scenery.


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