An Average Day in Trade Plaza
Episode Information
Upload date Feb 6, 2013 (Original)
Feb 6, 2017 (Remastered)
Duration 1 minutes 52 seconds (Original)
1 minutes 57 seconds (Remastered)
Created by Genowhirl70
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An Average Day in Trade_Plaza is a Gmod Video created by Genowhirl70, and was released in February 6, 2013.

A remastered version is released in the same day 4 years later.



What usually happens in a typical trade server...(well based on my experiences at least) I realized I forgot the spawn camping engineer nest, which is also a big part of usual trade plaza games, but whatever.


4 years ago today I uploaded my first video to this channel and started my quest to find the best meme, so to celebrate I completely remade it from scratch and updated it for modern times, enjoy.


In an average day of the map called Trade_Plaza, a Scout goes to the spawn's exit after being connected to the server. As he peeks at the exit, he was shot down by several Snipers.

A Pyro is offering a trade to the Gibus-wearing Soldier, which he is trying to choose between the Hetman's Headpiece, Team Captain, the earbuds, and one hat (Chief Constable is added as one of Pyro's other offers, and the Unsual effect is added on the last Hat in the remastered version.)

After the Soldier chooses the last hat, the Pyro describes the price, but the Soldier gives him Ellis' cap instead, making the Pyro disconnect from the server. (in the Remastered Version, the Pyro become enraged before he disconnects.)

Meanwhile at the other side, the Heavies prepares their tea time, and one of them was killed by a tryhard Sniper, forcing them to flee.

A few seconds later, A Spy with the Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect (HOUWAR) is connected to the server, and causes many people wanting to trade with him for his hat. After a series of unsuccessful trades (Scout's Green cap, Soldier's Ellis' cap, Heavy's various weapons from multiple classes and a Sandvich, Sniper's pumpkin (possibly Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head)), The Sniper successfully trades the Spy's HOUWAR for the following items:

  • Original - 2 buds & Max's severed head, which the Spy only accepts the hat instead of the buds.
  • Remastered - A Crate key

After a successful trade:

Original EndingEdit

The Spy disconnects from the server, and the players began to take Trade requests again, this time with the Sniper.

Remastered EndingEdit

Their moment of joy was cut short when their traded items suddenly vanished from their hands, which it will put on hold for 9 years. Internally outraged and going insane, the Sniper and the Spy performs a Kazotsky Kick on the table, along with the dancing Engineers before the background explodes spectacularly.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The Remastered version marks as the original video's 4th Anniversary.
  • Dr. Lalve's exploding dancing Engineers makes an appearance in the Remastered version.

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